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Council plans for the 'Great West Corridor'

Includes all of Brentford from the Thames to Ealing

Chis Curve Tower from the M4 smallHounslow Council has drawn up guidelines (the Local Plan) for Brentford giving developers all the green light signals they need to go sky high with plans for towers, starting with a 32 story tower at Chiswick Roundabout called Chiswick Curve.

Aside from the consultation, there is an important planning application for a 32 story twin tower building at Chiswick Roundabout - the Chiswick Curve, pictured here.

And of course the council gives us very little time to respond to this important planning application which is part of the Great West Corridor plan by burying their announcement as close to Christmas as possible - something they will say was at the developers request. The deadline for your responses to Chiswick Curve is Friday 5 February 2016.

See where Chiswick Curve will be on Google Maps - the small block by Larch Drive

Chis Curve Tower from Mortlake smallSupporting  documents

What can you do?

The most important thing to do is answer the questionnaire, but as always with such questionnaires this one is worded in such a way to encourage the approval of the council proposals. You can simply answer only the specific items that concern you, and you can answer them in your own words or use some of the documents available from others such as the West Chiswick & Gunnersbury Society, indicated above.


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